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Which Training format achieves your objective?

External Training

if …

  • You would like to improve yourself personally
  • You would like to train your staff a few at a time enabling continuity of work
  • You would like your staff to have the opportunity to learn with participants from other industries
  • You would like individual staff to be brought up to the same standard as the rest of your workforce

Internal Training

if …

  • You would like to develop more than 6 staff together
  • You want to develop individuals and strengthen team spirit within your company
  • You would like to focus staff members on strategic goals and consequently common objectives
  • You would like to develop best practise for your organisation

Individual Training

if …

  • You have to support a member of staff for a new task
  • You would like to define team aims and strategies for projects and departmental teams
  • You would like to increase your personal effectiveness during presentations, public appearances and discussions
  • You require clear back-up with preparation for Assessment Centers, Interviews and large scale projects

We are happy to provide you with more information about individual Training concepts and possible focal points.

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